Outdoor Competition

Competition limited to 150 Participants

Competition Divisions:
Male Difficulty
Female Difficulty
Male Endurance
Female Endurance

Scoring: Top Five problems total tally. Tie Breaker, next 3 problem total (etc.)

All competitors will be giving a score sheet with list of all competition problems. Judge for each area will need to initial sheet for problem to be counted. Flash gets an additional associated V grade rise. Example: V4 base is 16 points, if flashed then 20 points would be awarded. Flash of a V8 would garner 8 additional points above base of 64, therefore 72 points. FA projects will be given specific numeral point awards.

Endurance champions will be awarded by grand total of problems completed.

Each difficulty division will have three levels of awards (1st,2nd,3rd)

Beginner Division is V3 and under. Intermediate is V4 to V6. Advanced is V7 and up.

Bring your own bouldering pads, and extra bouldering pads are always welcome.

Scoring Scale
• V0/V-=1 ~ Flash=2
• V1=2 ~ Flash=3
• V2=4 ~ Flash=6
• V3=9 ~ Flash=12
• V4=16 ~ Flash=20
• V5=25 ~ Flash=30
• V6=36 ~ Flash=42
• V7=49 ~ Flash=56
• V8=64 ~ Flash=72
• V9=81 ~ Flash=90
• V10=100 ~ Flash=110
• V11=121 ~ Flash=132

Pad dabs will disqualify an attempt. Inadvertent touching of another climber is not disqualifying. Proactive spotting is suggested on most problems. Touching of a climber to support a backslap or out of control fall is permitted, yet no assistance can be given to the climber.

Some problems may have "out of bounds" holds. These will be described in the route descriptions. An out of bounds hold would usually result in the climbing of an easier problem. These instances will be minimized.

All problems will be top-out problems unless otherwise documented as not (example: jump down, traverse to downclimb).