Indoor Competition

The Competition is limited to 30 participants for bouldering and 10 participants for Crack Master. 7 pm to 9 pm

Competition is held in "Illusions" gym. The gym is the private property of Park Director Greg Martin. All individuals wanting to participate in the indoor gym must have approval from gym owner. Waiver for this element and approval must be approved via

Competition Categories:
Crack Master

First three in each gender category will be awarded prizes. Only one "Crack Master" will be awarded.

There will be four problems in the main competition. Three problems will have a weighted point value. Each successive try will diminish the point total by 25 points. One problem will be a longer traversing problem. This problem will have points awarded by the last hold controlled. In case of a tie there will be endurance climb with the winner decided by the longest climb. Order of climbers in run off will be drawn randomly. Climbers can try each problem as many times as time allows. There will be four lines, "one" for each respective climb. Climbers can get in line to which ever problem they choose. Climbers will have 15 seconds to start problem after each clearance of fall zone by previous climber.

Crack Master competitors will be allowed to tape up. After initial slightly steep crack section the climber will then enter the hand jam roof crack. Feet in the wide south crack will be off limits. If a successful climb traverses the roof, then bell is rang and climber can reclimb prior sections. The bells can be rung by hands or feet, but feet cannot be placed on black "Gumptionology" wall or touch ground after full lap. Furthest climb wins.