Yes! Bring an extra if you like.
Camping for the event will generally be in the west/marsh field that is lined with pine trees and sits between Shelter 4 and the Baseball Field. Additional camping around Shelter 2 and Shelter 1 can be approved at check in. Regular RV camping will be supported under regular pricing.
The facility has showers nearby in the restrooms, as well as within the regular campground.
The park has a community building with extra restrooms. This facility will be open for participants to use during the event.
All firewood will be reserved for the four bonfires in the "Haunted Grounds".
There are two grocery stores within three miles of the event and Fast food as well. There is a beer and liquor store with ice about a mile away.
Yes the event will have X amount of prizes with full capacity.
Yes. The event does not restrict the use of alcohol. The event will not be selling any beverages. Responsible use is permitted as in any campground. Underage drinking will not be tolerated.
Illusions gym is not open to the public. The indoor gym is the property of Director, Greg Martin. Access to gym is by invitation only.
In general, beginners are V3 and under, Intermediate V4 to V6, Advanced over V7.
Volunteers will be placed in positions according to desire to assist and experience. We will need approximately 11 climbing judges, extra would be helpful to give each one a break. Volunteers for decorating would be helpful. Volunteers should contact Greg Martin at . Volunteers for pre-cleaning routes should also contact Director, Greg Martin for priority list.
Although the event is geared towards an adult audience, there is no restriction on age to compete. Campers must be 18 years old. Younger competitors may need parental supervision. Indoor competitors must be 18 years old or over.